Remote Printing from Your Device to Library Available

This service prints from your personal device to the Library’s printers. You can send a document or photo to a remote printer and stop in to pick up.

Please note that you MUST stop in to pick up your prints from the Library by the end of the business day or your prints will be gone. They are not retained overnight.

You can download complete instructions here:

Printing from a Web Browser

Go to

Select the printer, provide an email, and select a document via URL or by browsing the files on the computer.

Click the green printer icon to send the print to the queue.

Printing From Your Email

An email can be sent from any computer, laptop, or mobile device to the queue.  Each of our printers at Main have an email associated with them:

Downstairs Printer :  or

Color Printer :  or

You will be sent a release code for the email message and each attachment. Use these release codes to retrieve your documents.  Email forwarding is ideal for online email portals such as Yahoo!, Hotmail or Google Mail.

Printing from Your Mobile App

Print directly from your mobile device using the PrinterOn App!  Download and install the ‘PrinterOn’ app from your app store – available for Android and iPhones.