Additional Services

In addition to providing free access to many materials, readers’ guidance, computers, technology assistance, and programming, the Library offers the following services:

Copier / Printing
Shaler North Hills Library (SNHL) offers printing and copying in black & white and color. Copies/prints are 20 cents a page (black & white); 50 cents a page (color). You can email us documents/images to print at Read more details HERE.

Scanning Services
SNHL offers scanning to email or USB drives through the copy machine. There is no charge for this service.

Fax Service
SNHL offers a faxing service. The cost is $1 per page to send a fax. A cover sheet is available at no charge. Please be sure you have the correct FAX number to send your document to. Faxes must be standard size paper (8-1/2×11). (Double-sided documents will have to be copied separately first before being faxed. There would be a charge for any copies needed to be made.)

Art Gallery
SNHL supports local artists! We offer public wall space as a gallery for two-dimensional art. Artists are scheduled for one month at a time during the calendar year.  Art must be ‘family-friendly’. LEARN MORE HERE. Please call the Adult Services Department, stop by or email for the schedule and contract information.

Display Cases
SNHL offers three display cases for the community to display collections, talents and expertise. LEARN MORE HERE. Please contact the Adult Services Department, stop by or email for the schedule and contract information.

Meeting Room Space
SNHL offers several meeting rooms for use/rental.  Please note the rooms are heavily used for library programming and are unavailable for regularly scheduled weekly or monthly meetings.  We do our best to accommodate local group meetings, programs and events based upon the library’s Meeting Room Policy.

Tax Forms and Assistance
SNHL provides information on the AARP tax assistance program for senior citizens and those with low income during tax season.  In addition, the Library normally has copies of the most common IRS and PA tax forms during tax season. We can assist residents in locating other forms online. Some printing fees may apply.

Homebound Delivery
SNHL staff may be able to deliver materials to Shaler residents who are unable to visit the library due to disability, injury or illness. Contact Adult Services to inquire.

Deposit Collections SNHL may be able to place a collection of materials on-site to senior housing, preschools and daycare centers in the Shaler area.  Please contact the Library to inquire.