Technology Assistance

Computer Help

Do you find computers a little intimidating? Wonder about some of the terms that you hear? Take a look through these simple guides to help you get started:

Here are some helpful pages created by the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh for beginning computer users.

Here are some mouse tutorials used in the computer classes for additional information and practice.

Book a Librarian

While we cannot currently schedule one-on-one appointments, the Library is now open and staff can provide some assistance. We also have instruction sheets to help you with basic needs such as copying, scanning, and setting up an email account.

If you need help with a device, call us to schedule a one-on-one session.  Available during the day for half-hour to hour sessions, library staff will assist with what you need to do on a computer, laptop, e-reader or your mobile device.

  • Setting up email
  • Using the Internet
  • Downloading e-books (or music, or movies)
  • Printing
  • Resume guidance

Printing From Home

Working on something but don’t have a printer? Or unable to print from home? Did you know that you can send your documents and photos to the Library’s prniters from your home and then stop in to pick up!