Tax Forms, Tax Information and Local Senior Citizen Tax Preparation


MONDAY, APRIL 15, 2019.

The Library does now have the basic Federal 1040 packet, the PA form and instruction booklet and the Property Tax Rebate form.

Click here for a helpful form you can download and print: Tax Assistance 2019



February 4 – April 11, 2019

Undercliff Volunteer Fire Department

700 Mt. Royal Boulevard, Pittsburgh, PA 15223

Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday | 9:00 am to 12:00 pm (Noon)

This year BY APPOINTMENT through Senator Lindsey Williams’ Office!

Call 412-364-0469.

Please note: Service is based upon the number of volunteers who can provide tax assistance that day. The doors will open at 9:00am and you will need to have an appointment and be checked in.—Tom Beecher, area coordinator, AARP volunteer tax assistance.

Please bring the following information with you for tax preparation:

  • 2017 Tax Return
  • W-2 from each employer
  • Unemployment statement 1099-G
  • Social Security Statement SSA-1099
  • Railroad Retirement Statement RRB-1099
  • All other 1099 forms
  • Dependent care provider documentation (name, address, EIN or SSN, amount paid)
  • Documentation supporting all deductions if itemizing
  • SSN cards or other documentation identifying themselves and dependents
  • 1095-A if health insurance was purchased on their own
  • 1098-T if qualifying for education deductions
  • Copies of property taxes or rent paid (if qualified for PA-1000)
  • Copy of blank check (routing and account number) for direct deposit

Volunteer tax preparers will be unable to assist with complex returns. For additional information, please call Sen. Lindsey Williams’ office at 412-364-0469.  There is no one to call at the fire hall.



This form will give you the information above as well as a list of other sites which do tax preparation.  Please be sure to call the sites for additional information as restrictions may apply.

Click here for a helpful form you can download and print:

Tax Assistance 2019

You can search for other AARP Tax Sites here:

AARP Find A Site



As of 1/7/2019–We understand that the state is NOT mailing out forms to individuals or libraries. Federal tax forms are changing and we cannot confirm if the library will be receiving any paper forms.

You will need to consider if you can do your taxes online or possibly print forms from the IRS and PA Revenue sites.  

 Here are the options:

  • Call the IRS to order tax products to be delivered by mail at 1-800-829-3676

  • Order tax products via the IRS website to be delivered by mail at

  • To view and download forms go to

  • Copy forms via the library photocopier

The library is happy to assist you in printing/copying/ordering forms or publications, however, we are not tax professionals and therefore you need to know what forms/publications you need and what you need to print. Unfortunately, we do not have the resources to do this for free. SNHL charges 20 cents a page to print or copy.

HELPFUL TAX SITES—find federal tax products and information.—find state tax products and information.—find information regarding local service taxes and property taxes.—information and forms to file local earned income tax.—-free federal eFiling sites and guidelines.—information on eFiling at the PA Department of Revenue