Visit Area Museums and Historic Sites for Free

You can visit these local historical sites and museums for FREE! (Admission for four) You can reserve for one week. Kits must be reserved through the Adult Services Reference Desk–call or stop by! (If a kit hasn’t been reserved for that week and you stop in–you can pick it up on the spot!) Please read the details below or pick up a brochure with more information.

What You Need to Know…

  • Tickets provide free admission for up to four people.
  • Kits contain a barcoded pass, an information sheet, directions, and a comment book.
  • Kits check out for one week, Wednesday to Tuesday.  You MUST pick up and return within that week. There are no extensions. Kits cannot be renewed. (Remember—others are waiting!)
  • Kits must be picked up and returned ONLY at Shaler North Hills Library—Reference Desk. Please do NOT use the Book Drop or return to any other library.
  • Do NOT relinquish the ticket to the site! It must be returned with the admission kit each Tuesday.
  • Call or stop by the library to make your reservation. You may reserve the Heinz kit ONCE and the other kits TWICE during the 2022-2023 season.

The Duncan & Miller Glass Museum

The Heinz History Center (including Ft. Pitt and Meadowcroft)

Historic Fort Steuben

The Merrick Art Gallery

Old Economy Village

The Somerset Historical Center

West Overton Village

Find out more about the sites before you go– try these Virtual Kits!

NEW this year! Visit THREE of the sites before October 31 and be entered to win a prize basket! LINK HERE after you’ve visited 3 sites.

Please check the website or call the place you are visiting for schedule and any current safety procedures.