Tech Tips: Introductory Sessions on Computer Topics–Thursdays at 1:00pm

Join us for the next round of technology help. These simple one-hour focused sessions are designed to make technology and computers less intimidating and get you on your way to feeling more confident in using these tools!

Thursdays from 1:00-2:00pm. In person. Registration required. Limit of 10 per session.

Technology can make our lives easier but can be scary too. We are here to help! Join us for some basic sessions to help take the fear out of computers. In person. Limited to 10 attendees. Must register for each session.

June 2: Intro to the Internet. Browsers, search engines, wi-fi, websites…what does it all mean?  Let’s sort out the terms and get a handle on using the Internet with confidence.  REGISTER HERE

June 9: Organizing Your Email.  Those emails keep pouring in….but why can’t you find the one you need when you need it? Learn how to make subfolders/labels so that you can sort your email and make it more manageable. Use filters or tools to keep your inbox down. And keep an eye on spam! REGISTER HERE

June 16: Troubleshooting Tech. We’ve all been there—something goes wrong with your computer or phone just when you need it most. Learn some very simple troubleshooting tips to try before you look for help. REGISTER HERE