Tech Tips: Help with Computers & Technology–Thursdays at 11:00am

Join us for the next round of technology help. These simple one-hour focused sessions are designed to make technology and computers less intimidating and get you on your way to feeling more confident in using these tools!

Thursdays from 11:00am-12:00pm. In person. Registration required. Limit of 10 per session.

Technology can make our lives easier but can be scary too. We are here to help! Join us for some basic sessions to help take the fear out of computers. In person. Limited to 10 attendees. Must register for each session.

September 15: Resume & Cover Letter Help: Do you need to apply for a job but don’t have a resume or cover letter? Or have you been out of the game for so long that you need a refresher? We’ll go over the basics for crafting a professional resume and cover letter that will be perfect for your job hunt. REGISTER HERE

September 22: Digital Security: Concerned about your online presence? Wondering about security when you search the web? Come learn some basic tips to make your use of technology and the Internet more secure. REGISTER HERE

September 29: Technology Storage: You’ve got documents, you’ve got emails, you’ve got photos. Where are you keeping all these things? Can you find them? Are they saved? What if your laptop crashes? Let’s talk storage! REGISTER HERE

October 6: Get to Know Libby! Did you know you can read or listen to books on a personal device (phones, ipads, tablets, Kindles) without ever having to stop at the library? Stop by this class and get to know our e-reader app, Libby. REGISTER HERE

October 13: Social Media: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram–the list goes on and on with ways to keep in touch with the folks you know. We’ll outline the basic social media platforms so you can see which one might be best for you and your needs. REGISTER HERE

October 20: Microsoft Word Basics: Do you use Microsoft Word to create your documents? Not sure how to use the editing tools? Word has changed drastically over the years, so don’t fret if you feel confused. We will go over the purpose of Microsoft Word and basic functions. REGISTER HERE