Library Services for 2021

As of June 2021, we have extended our open hours. We encourage you to keep your in-house visits to 1 (one) hour or less. You may: Browse and pick up books; use a computer or laptop; print, copy or fax. Check out all our summer activities!

Hours: Monday through Thursday: 10:00am to 7:00pm; Friday & Saturday: 10:00am to 5:00pm



1) Place a standard hold: The holds (reserves) system is up and running. You may search for specific titles by going to

Search the catalog for the item you want and place your hold as usual. You will be notified by your original method (email or phone). Once notified, come by during our Park & Pickup Hours and call us from your car for curbside delivery.

2) Use our online Google Form

For specific requests, using the holds system in the catalog is the way to go now…but, if you’d like our staff to help make selections and suggest some wonderful books for you, feel free to use this form. Give us some general ideas of what you want, what you love–and let us surprise you!

  • You may select adult, teen, or children’s materials. Large Print or AV.
  • Please include children’s ages to help us select appropriate items.

3) Call us at 412-486-0211

Please feel free to just call us and we can search for the item, place your hold, or make other book suggestions while you are waiting for a book to come in.


Please feel free to stop by our service window (right next to the Book Drop–just ring the doorbell!) to pick up your materials if you prefer not to come inside yet. For those needing additional help, we will deliver your materials to your vehicle.

  • Park in the back lot. If you are dropping returns in the Book Drop, just step over to the window to the right for pick-up! If you need delivery to your car…
  • Open your trunk or back seat. Stay in your vehicle.
  • Call us at 412-486-0211 and tell us your name and the make/color of your vehicle.
  • We will deliver clean/bagged items to your trunk or an unoccupied back seat. (We may ask you to pull up curbside if the weather is an issue.)

Please Note!

We will fill orders from what we have in the building. For items that are out or we do not have, we will now place a traditional hold on that item for you. (We cannot give a time frame when this hold might arrive. You’ll receive your usual email or phone call on these holds.)

Give us at least 24-48 hours to pull items. Please wait until you are notified (call or email) when they are ready to be picked up.

Items are checked out for the normal time period of three weeks or one week. (Many items are now auto-renewing! There are no late fees currently. You can check your account online.)


To minimize contact and cross-contamination of materials that have already been quarantined, we ask you to return your items by putting them in the OUTDOOR Book Drop. For oversized items or if you have trouble getting to the Book Drop, please call us during our Park & Pickup hours to retrieve for you.

  • Items are quarantined for 24-48 hours so will clear from your card after that time.
  • We are not charging late fees at this time. (Donations welcome!)
  • Donation of items (books, DVDs, puzzles, games) may be placed in the outdoor cupboard (white door) to the left of our Book Drop.

Did you know? You can make use of our Wi-Fi by parking in the front parking lot. You do not need a password, just accept the terms to log on.

Thank you so much for your patience and kindness!