Nature Snippets for Adults: Unlocking the Hidden World of Wildlife Neighbors–April 11, 1:30pm

A Partnership with the PA Master Naturalist Program. It’s cool science for adults! (This series is for ages 16 and older)

This event and lively discussion will include info and tips for discouraging “nuisance” wildlife behavior in your garden/backyard/around the home, with an emphasis on prevention being our best course of action. We will explore ways in which common local species are beneficial, and how respect for nature can improve our own enjoyment of green spaces.

Join Master Naturalist Char Ross as we take a closer look at real biofacts (including bones, fur, and tracks) to uncover the lives and drives of common native species. This event will equip you with invaluable interpretive skills and handy resource guides will be available. A mini museum of ethically-sourced taxidermy and nature found skulls will be on hand for you to touch and explore! 


About our presenter:

Char Ross is an environmental educator and PA Master Naturalist. As a hobby taxidermist, she enjoys connecting audiences with wildlife in meaningful ways. Her taxidermy and bone collection is ethically repurposed from what would otherwise go to waste, without harming animals for the sake of display.