Nature Snippets for Adults: The Evolution of a Pollinator Garden–November 9, 1:30pm

Don’t miss our popular nature series with educators and Master Naturalists Pat Milliken and Gil Pielin! Pat & Gil have created a series of programs designed to put people in tune with nature. Participants will learn from this duo of retired high school teachers about all things nature in these hands-on workshops. This is an adult-focused program series, for ages 16 and up.

Does even one pollinator garden make a difference? Yes! A pollinator garden is designed to contain plants to provide food and shelter to animals that pollinate plants that support the local ecosystem and food web. 

Join Master Naturalist Pat Milliken on a photographic journal following the transition of a garden from a bare lot in 2004 to a current garden. The garden naturally changes each year and so do some of the organisms within.