Nature “Snippets” for Adults–April 13, 1:30pm

April’s Session–Fun With Diversity in Animal Senses

Don’t miss our popular nature series with educators and Master Naturalists Pat Milliken and Gil Pielin! Pat & Gil have created a series of programs designed to put people in tune with nature. Participants will learn from this duo of retired high school teachers about all things nature in these hands-on workshops. This is an adult-focused program series.

If we place an elephant, mouse, robin, owl, bat, rattlesnake, spider mosquito, bumblebee on a potted sunflower and yourself in a large room, how would each differ in sensing its place in the environment?

We will look at a few umwelts, defined in animal behavior as how a particular organism experiences the world.

There will be two fun sensory activities: Minty Muskrat and Termolelator!

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