Nationality Rooms at the University of Pittsburgh–June 10, 1:00pm

Nationality Rooms that Might Have Been

Friday, June 10, 1:00-2:30pm: REGISTER HERE (This program is virtual, offered via Zoom)

Every Nationality Room goes through different ideas of how it might be.  Using alternate versions, we will examine several Nationality Rooms and how they might have been built.  Rooms such as English, Norwegian, Swedish and several others will be examined. 

Nationality Rooms of the University of Pittsburgh

The Nationality Rooms at the University of Pittsburgh are unique classrooms like no other classrooms at any university. Created in 1926, the Nationality Rooms & Intercultural Exchange Program was designed to show the achievements of the immigrant nationalities in Pittsburgh. The rooms were all community/committee fundraised and built, and given as gifts to Pitt over the years. Tour Coordinator Michael Walter will share information on the creation of the rooms, architecture, artifacts, and more. Program is free, registration required (register separately for each session).

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