Beware The Shifting Sands —Chasing a Killer through the Black Hills of South Dakota–April 16, 6:30pm

Join local author Mark Macedonia for a murder mystery along a blood-soaked trail confronting extortion, nativism, prejudice, and racism…

In the summer of 1928, a strange twist of fate finds Parker Simms, reluctantly back in western South Dakota—the area of his roots—as a result of a voluntary leave of absence from work. Employed as a private detective within the William J. Burns Detective Agency, his previous assignment for the firm had linked him to the federal government’s Teapot Dome Scandal, bringing unwanted national attention to the agency.

Before too long, Simms’ anticipated quiet time away from the hustle and bustle of New York City during the roaring twenties, evolves into a frantic cat and mouse game with a demented, yet creative killer. What becomes most baffling for Simms is how the killer links the murders to the popular children’s book, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, challenging him to examine elements of the fairy tale for deeper meaning.


This program is part of the Meet the Author Series sponsored by the Friends of Shaler North Hills Library.