Ukrainian Egg Art Demonstration–April 5, 6:30pm

Pysanky is the ancient Eastern European art of egg decorating, of which the Ukrainian version is arguably the most famous. The name comes from the verb to write, as you use a stylus (called a kistka) to write with wax on the egg shell. The process is similar to batik.

Join Marilan Caito who will demonstrate this art while lecturing on the tools, techniques and history of the art. Dozens of beautiful eggs will be on display during the demonstration.

Bonus! One lucky attendee will be awarded the completed egg!


Marilan (Hovanec) Caito has presented demonstrations and taught hands-on classes in the art of “Pysanky” at Community College, community centers, libraries, and numerous senior residences for over 50 years. Her passion is to share this traditional folk art and its rich history with new audiences.