Thank you to our Back to School Wish Tree Donors! There is still time to donate!

Every year we conduct more than 3,000 programs for all ages with program attendance of over 110,000 people! We use a lot of school supplies—markers, glue sticks, pens, and more!

As you hit the back-to-school sales, please consider helping SNHL continue to deliver the programs you and your family love. Pick up our ‘wish list’! Drop off your donations any time.  Thank you!   Here’s the list!  Back to School Wish Tree

Slater Family
Barrho Family
Amy Benninger
Sandra Biles
Kathy Bolner
Frank and Mary Bork
Cheryl Buczkowski-Snyder
Scott and Marian Campbell
Lorraine Carr
Linda Cvitkovic
Kate Davidson
Tim Greiner
Gruber and Toth Families
Harrington Family
Helen Holmes
Independence Professionals, LLC
Joe, Tricia and Devin Klapheke
Bill Krall
Cecelia Kruly
Mimi Lamb
Massucci Family
Lauren McKiernan
Abby McMahon
Jenna Nastal and Jared Nastal
Ron Park Family
Diane Reimer
Maureen Sibenac
Carla and John Slater
Nancy E. Stevens
Tatar Family
Taylor and Penny Wainwright
Leticia Wincko
Mike and Karen Ulrich
Sharon Wenger
Dale and Sandy Brackin
Simard Family

Thank you!!