Meet the Author: Linda Lee Blakemore–October 18, 6:30pm

Join author Linda Lee Blakemore on her journey from survivor to author.

Why do we choose unhealthy relationships? How can we move past them?

On average a woman will leave a destructive relationship seven times before leaving for good. Why? And why do we choose the wrong partner in the first place? If you’ve been there, or know someone who has, find a quiet spot and start reading.

“Linda Lee Blakemore writes with raw authenticity to bare her past and pave the way for others to seek healing.” –Tina Yeager, MLHC.

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Linda is a speaker, survivor, and advocate for women and children, and a renown author of a top selling nonfiction book and an acclaimed memoir. She is also a survivor-speaker for National Coalition Against Domestic Violence. 

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month. If you know someone who needs help, contact Crisis Center North at 1- 866-782-0911.