Author Ernest Keegan Talks Boxing, Women and Love–Tuesday, June 18 @6:30pm

Strange Angels by Ernest Keegan

Shaler resident Ernest Keegan, a former member of the Air Force with training in the electromechanical field, and a former amateur boxer during his teen years, will speak about Strange Angels, his first novel reflecting the dangers and thrills of the sports industry blended with an intricate love story.

Marylou Caponi inherited the boxing gym she had practically grown up in from her late father. It isn’t easy being in a male dominated business but her strong will and determination and savvy about the “game” make it work out most of the time.

Author Keegan shares a glimpse of the complexities of a life inside the boxing ring: “The early-morning roadwork, picking up fighters at ungodly hours, adjusting their schedule to help a fighter keep to his, the hours in the gym, the out-of-pocket expenses that never got paid back, the irritations on the home front because many times the fighter took precedence to personal matters. These were all part of the package. The gym itself was a place of refuge, of stability. For some, the only emotional home they had.”

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