Celebrate Earth Day with a Master Naturalist–Exploring Feathers, April 22, 1:00pm

Let me be as a feather

Strong with purpose yet light at heart,

Able to bend,

And, tho I might

Become frayed,

Able to pull myself

Together again.

Anita Sams (nature artist)

Join Master Naturalist Pat Milliken for an engaging look at the biological characteristics of feathers that have inspired this poetic metaphor.

Program via Zoom. Free and open to the public. Please register online HERE at shalerlibrary.org or call 412-486-0211.


About our presenter:

Pat Milliken has a Master’s Degrees in biology and special education and has taught for 32 years, including courses in Biology and Environmental Science. Her teaching philosophy and practices include engaging students in programs offered by community organizations and educational institutions. Her love for nature merges with the art of photography as a hobby and a way to document backyard and field observations.