Meet the Author: Maria Farina and the “Gypsy from Sewickley” — Tuesday, October 24 @ 6:30pm

Just in time for Halloween…join us for a ‘supernatural’ evening!

Maria Farina, author of Grave Robber and Grave Talk, shares her stories of Sewickley’s only gypsy.

All was peaceful in the quiet Borough of Sewickley, PA, until someone decided to go ahead and raise the dead. Now there is chaos. Have the demons of the Hollow broken the Treaty or are the humans dabbling in black magic? Meet gypsy Trudi MacKenzie, the only person who can bridge the gap between human and demon.


Maria will share her expertise on the writing process and finding inspiration to write as well as talk about her works. Maria is also a VOICE ARTIST! Come hear about this interesting profession! Halloween treats.

Please register here or by calling the Library at 412-486-0211.