Let’s Go Luna with WQED! Be one of the first to watch a new cartoon! Sunday, November 11 at 1:15PM.

Let’s Go Luna! One-of-a-Kind Celebration – The folks from WQED will be bringing an advanced copy of their new show, Let’s
Go Luna! This new cartoon will begin this fall on WQED and features three friends, Leo the wombat, Carmen the butterfly, and
Andy the frog who travel around the world via “Circo Fabuloso,” their parents’ traveling performance troupe. Along their stops,
Luna the moon teaches them about the local languages, music, and other daily routines. Join us for an
afternoon of celebrating our uniqueness and our similarities! Families have different traditions; they come in
all kinds of shapes and sizes. The first 50 families who register will get a free copy of THE CELEBRATE FAMILY
BOOK: YOU AND YOUR SPECIAL, WONDERFUL, ONE-OF-A-KIND FAMILY .  Visit the PBS site for a sneak peek!  https://pbskids.org/luna