Art and Inspiration International – Special Guest Ellen Gozion presenting traditional ballads and “Crankies” – Thursday, July 27 @ 7:00pm

Ellen Gozion is a well-regarded singer of traditional American and British ballads with an expressive and haunting voice.  She has been singing old folk songs for nearly two decades.  Her repertoire draws heavily upon the Scottish and English songs that became a staple for generations of singers in the Southern and upper Appalachians.  She has recorded two solo collections of traditional songs and is currently recording songs from southwestern Pennsylvania with regional oldtime musicians Mark Tamsula and Richard Withers.  Ellen is a member of the band The Early Mays.

Ever heard of a “Crankie?” (moving panoramas, cyclorama, cantastories). Learn more about Ellen, her music and Crankies here:

No registration required.  Program begins at 7:00 pm